Jim Keagy

Network Administrator

IT Skills

Microsoft Windows

Install, configure, and manage Windows Server operating systems from NT 4 up to Server 2012. Support Windows client operating systems ranging from Windows 3.1 all the way to Windows 8. Configure and maintain ActiveDirectory environments with a variety of services.

Email Services

Manage Microsoft Exchange servers ranging from just a handful of users to servers handling multiple ActiveDirectory domains. Migrate existing Exchange installations to new hardware. Configure email filters to combat spam, viruses, and other unwanted types of mail.


Install and manage Linux systems in mixed environments, such as attached to Windows domains for use as file or web servers. I write shell scripts to automate common processes and save time.

Remote Desktop Services

Install, configure, and maintain Windows Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services). Enable a consistent experience across different types of devices including thin clients, Windows and Linux PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.


Set up virtual machines for testing new software, configurations, or services. Enable efficient utilization of resources by dividing servers into multiple virtual machines.

Network Security

Install firewalls and access control solutions to prevent unwanted network activity. I also use a variety of other security products to scan for malware and prevent future infections. Clean up networks that have been compromised by attackers and malware, and prevent future security breaches.

Network Development and Engineering

Install, configure, and maintain routers, switches, wireless access points, and other network hardware. Set up site to site and remote access VPNs.


Configure and maintain IPv6 networks, including dual stack IPv4/IPv6 configurations.

Voice over IP

Install, configure, and maintain Voice over IP phone systems to save time and money, as well as enable more flexible call control options. Enable cost effective communications between corporate offices and for employees working from home.


Provide technical support for application, hardware, and network problems. Remotely re-configure PCs, Servers, and network equipment.

Hardware Repair

Upgrade and replace all types of PC and Server hardware including, but not limited to: Motherboards, CPUs, RAM, Power Supplies, Storage Controllers, Hard Drives and Solid State Drives, Power & Storage backplanes, and more.